Depressed and pregnant and alone and scared . . . Angie had tried to kill herself. After enduring years of abuse and yet another marital rape, Angie abruptly left a terrifying marriage taking her two young children with her.  They slept in her car, eating wherever they could. When the trio was discovered spending a


Walking down that particular dusty road  on that particular August afternoon, Donna was done;  she was too tired to go on. The tiredness she carried wasn’t just the weight of the searing heat.   Deep into a South Carolina August afternoon it’s not unusual to feel tired as the heat saps one’s strength.  But Donna wasn’t


As a child Brenda was left at home by herself for hours –sometimes days — at a time.  As her Mom walked out the door she was asked if she could be a big girl while she was alone.  She always said, yes, she could.  But no one told her what being a big girl really


The day the prison cell door was opened for Janet she stepped intothe community as a recovering cocaine addict with a high school education and a lifetime of misery.   Janet’s first task was to learn how to be and feel free.   Her next task was to figure out what to do with the rest of her


“Never had set my foot inside a church door,” Carol said, ”  and when I did go they were talking with their eyes closed.”  Her grandmother had to explain praying to Carol. Several weeks after moving into Killingsworth Carol had asked to go visit her elderly grandmother.  During her visit she was invited to accompany