To those who want more in-depth information about our residents including the opportunity to meet with them and hear their stories firsthand; those who want to be kept up to date on news about Killingsworth rather than only on occasion, and learn ways to become involved up-close-and-personal — we invite you to join our Circle of Care.

This Circle of support will not be heavily organized. There will be no regular meetings to attend, no committees to serve on, no quota of anything to meet. No dues and no attendance taken.

We envision a group of second mile sisters and brothers who want to know more about how God is working with individual residents and what their prayer concerns might be.  These sisters and brothers want to know what the specific needs of the household are and how they might help; those who want to have lead time to plan to participate and/or help with our fundraisers. We intend to protect the privacy of our residents, but will be able to offer enough information that you can feel personally connected.

We may offer an opportunity once a year for sharing a meal and receiving the stories of residents. The only expectation would be open minds and open hearts that would join us in opening doors of grace and hope to women whose lives have been overwhelmed by crises.

Join our Circle.

Contact us for more information.

Phone: (803) 771-6359