How to become a resident of Killingsworth:

If you would like to be considered for residency you are asked to:

  1. Complete an application.  Please CLICK HERE for a copy of the application.
  2. Before you can move into Killingsworth, you will need to read, sign, and agree to abide by the following:
    the house rules 
    the drug testing policy
    promise to pay rent
    emergency information
  3.    Include a professional referral from a counselor or social worker or minister, etc who knows why you want to live at Killingsworth.
  4.   Include your own letter, one to two pages, outlining what has happened to you and what you understand you can do to change your life.
  5. Mail your documents to Killingsworth, fax them or hand deliver them. Mail or deliver to 1831 Pendleton Street, Columbia, SC 29201 or fax to 803-779-6473.
  6. You will be notified if you are being considered for an interview. Call 803-771-6359 after a week or so, to follow up and inquire about your status.