Residency facts:

  • there is a daily fee for room and board (shared room and three meals a day)
  • Killingsworth can house 16 adult women
  • residents are expected to live within the guidelines of house rules
  • random drug screens are conducted in accordance with our drug testing policy
  • the average length of stay is 7 months although residents who remain for 12 – 18 moths have historically achieved the most success with maintaining their goals
  • personal cell phones are allowed but only within household guidelines (if you can pay for a cell phone, you can keep your rent current)
  • restrictions apply regarding permission to have a personal vehicle.  Residents with personal vehicles are expected to be employed, have a zero rent balance at all times, and be a legal driver in all regards. Permission is assessed case by case. Keys may be held by staff.
  • safety is a high priority; curfews and confidentiality are strictly enforced
  • food for breakfast and lunch is provided.  Residents prepare their own breakfasts and lunches. The evening meal is prepared and served at 6:30  PM
  • Killingsworth is on the city bus line:


Application Information and documents:

Admissions application and information