The Killingsworth Program recognizes interdependent components:

Personal, Social and Spiritual.

Personal development includes: recovery habits, mental and physical health habits, employment, and identity.

Recovery at Killingsworth means each resident has requirements related to 12-step meeting attendance, working with a sponsor, and working the 12 steps of recovery. These requirements, practiced faithfully, will become habits.

Mental Health habits at Killingsworth include making and keeping psychiatric or other counseling appointments, participating in groups whether for discussion or for therapy, and paying attention to medication requirements and purposes.  For those who do not have a defined mental illness or diagnosis, mental health is steadied and maintained by making wise choices, practicing patience and accepting challenges, and also by practicing honesty.

Physical Health habits at Killingsworth include grooming, diet & nutrition, exercise, and  making and keeping medical appointments related to routine healthcare or specific conditions such as diabetes, cancer, hypertension, etc.

Employment is a requirement for residents.  Since residents must pay fees to participate and live at Killingsworth, they must have a steady source of reliable income.  An educational or vocational training program can be substituted or combined with an employment program. Employment, education and involvement in the community lead to self-confidence and self-sufficiency.

Identity is a resident’s understanding of who she is, and who she is becoming.  Her identity when she arrives may be weak, fragile, false or confused. The relationships she develops while at Killingsworth and the recovery, mental health, physical health habits she establishes will help her renew and acknowledge her identity.  Work or education will be vital components in nurturing her sense of herself as well.

These facets of personal development will also be part of and influence each resident’s social program as she interacts with others in the community.  Her personal program will help her heal, review or renew damaged and distant relationships with her family, children, friends and former employers. More immediately, she has to socially interact with other residents here, staff, and visitors to the home.  If she “sticks and stays” as we say, she will find “everything is connected to everything.”

Spiritual influence is present, palpable and persistent at Killingsworth.  Residents are not required to declare a faith, join a church or attend worship, but most do one or all as a result of their own transforming experience of God and with God.

We believe a resident’s acknowledgement of and inclusion of the spiritual component of  life will give her clarity and strength regarding her personal and social development.